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15 easy to follow tips to help you lose weight fast

Want to lose weight fast? Here’s our top 15 tips for great losses without breaking the bank! Want to lose weight fast? It’s easy to say goodbye to 10 pounds of unwanted fat with these easy diet tips. Just pay attention to what you eat and be sure to have good tasting, fresh and healthy…

Relax with Yoga - Healthy Mind Healthy Body

24 Hours of Healthy

It’s true when people say your body is your temple – you get out of what you put in. If you constantly put junk food in, you will more than likely feel sluggish. If you are constantly stressed this can cause an imbalance in the body and may lead to eating those junk foods that…

Think yourself Slim

You’ve probably heard about the Law of Attraction, positive thinking and using visualization to help reach your goals, perhaps you’ve already brushed these off as a waste of time. It’s not going to help you lose weight is it? But what if I told you it WOULD?

A surprising fact is that many conditions can be improved by visualization and weight loss is one of them. It works like this: you keep a vision in your mind of how you want your body to look, and subconsciously you will begin acting in a way that will go in that direction. You become much more positive about your body, more accepting of your diet or fitness regime, and you will reach your weight goals more quickly and easily.

35, Fat and Feeling Frumpy – Part 1

I often share pictures of my clients progress on my social media (with their permission of course!) as I believe it’s good for you to see real results of the treatments I do. However, those who have met me will know that I battle with my own weight and have on and off for years!…