LED Photon Light Therapy Course


This accredited home-study LED Photon Light Therapy course gives an understanding as to what treatment is and how it works, allowing you to offer this treatment to clients in confidence.



LED photon light therapy is becoming a popular and versatile addition to any salon treatment menu as it offers so many skin rejuvenation benefits from anti ageing, to the reduction of P-bacteria that causes acne.

Our LED Photon Light Therapy course is fully accredited and insurable making it the perfect add on to your facial treatment menu or can be completed by individuals who are interested in how to make the most out of their home use LED light machines.

This home-study course allows you lean what light therapy is, how it works and gives an understanding as to what each of the different colours can treat, what colour you should use for each skin condition and treatment timings. At the end of the course you will be required to complete a multiple choice test and on successfully passing this your accredited certificate will be available for you to download, print and display with pride.


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