HI-EMT Pro Machine & Training Package


Help your clients build muscle and burn fat with this HI-EMT Pro body sculpting machine.

This business in a box machine and training package could see you increase your revenue by over £36,000 per year.



How would you like to increase your salon revenue by over £36,000 per year? How would you like to offer a treatment that requires no consumables, no mess and no effort from yourselves? Then why not invest in HI-EMT (High Intensity Electro-Magnetic Therapy) with our:

HI-EMT body sculpting business in a box for just £4999 including training for up to two therapists.

Adding this machine to your salon or clinic can earn you over £36,000 per year (based on treating 5 clients twice a week at £70 per session). Procedure is completely non-invasive, clients don’t even have to get undressed!

Studies have found HI-EMT will:
  • Offer the equivalent of 20,000 supra maximal contractions per session
  • Provide up to 19% fat reduction
  • Increase muscle mass by up to 16%
  • Has an average patient satisfaction rate of 96%

Only 4-6 sessions are required meaning clients can have completed a course in just three weeks! Plus sessions are short, only 30 minutes treatment time required allowing you to maximise your salon revenue.

Your package includes:
  • HI-EMT Machine with two paddles
  • One large binding strap (1.5m)
  • Two small binding straps (0.75m)
  • 5 litres de-ionised water
  • 12 months warranty
  • Training for up to two therapists
  • Lifetime access to your theory via our e-learning system


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